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        With 20 years of endeavors, Yushi has grown up from a small scale company to an enterprise with more than 80,000 m2 modernized plant and annual production value over $10 million.
        Yushi developed the primitive workshops into high-standard factory with multiple functions. The 100-thousand-grade Dust-free Moulding Workshop at constant temperature is an outstanding model in film industry. The advanced facility forms the basis of Yushi‘s success to become one of the largest aluminum coating packaging material enterprises in China.
        Yushi company philosophy is based on two pillars: corporate quality and technology leadership. To support this philosophy, quality and innovation are of the utmost priority when it comes to hot stamping. We established Research & Development Center and Technical Innovation Department, and employed highly qualified scientists and technicians,
        The training workshop provided regularly help staff in Yushi to renew their background information and technical skills timely , which ensures that Yushi’s latest generation product are developed employing the most advanced technology and market trends can be taken into account in product developments

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        YUSHI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTRE Tel:86-577-68006111 Fax:86-577-68651987 Company E-mail:info@www.ghgcollectibles.xyz        Tel: Fax: Company Email:
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